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Al Hadathah Profile

Our Mission:

Our mission in Al-Hadathah Translation Office is to provide local and international translation services of very competitive prices and to be committed with high quality and precision for all our clients in governmental authorities, private corporations and individuals.

Our Vision:
Translation in Al-Hadathah Translation Office is considered a very essential aspect of cultural dialogue, simplification of sciences and international trade dealings. Therefore, we give a special concern to financial, business, scientific, engineering and technological specialties.

Our Objective:

Al-Hadathah Translation Office aims at achieving client satisfaction through the accomplishment of translation work supported with scientific review, linguistic auditing and finally ongoing follow-up with our client.
Legal Translation

Al-Hadathah Translation Office provides translation for all laws, contracts, agreements, legal documents, acts, decrees, judicial decisions, university certificates, passports and other necessary and important legal documents.
Al-Hadathah Translation Office employs certified and qualified translators who have the necessary legal background and are acquainted with all legal terminology. They are able to provide precise and accurate translation and to maintain the legal value of the source text.
Accounting, Financial and Banking Translation

Al-Hadathah Translation Office provides accounting, financial and banking translation performed by financial translators who have a wide experience in the field of accounting and banking. In addition, some of the translators employed by Al-Hadathah Translation Office are well-experienced in dealing with major financial institutions, the matter which gives them a clear image of the commercial aims and objectives of the client. They further have the technical background and efficiency in translating various documents including but not limited to:
• accounting memos and financial statements
• agreements between shareholders
• financial reports and documents
• project financing documents
• governmental tenders and specifications
• statements and reports
• contracts and agreements
• loan agreements
• establishment certificates
• budget reports
• annual reports
• feasibility studies
• statistical files
• tax documents
• banking documents
• balance sheets
• marketing and business plans
Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation

Medical translation requires high precision. In addition, there are various medical specialties requiring the translator to have a long medical and linguistic background and experience. Al-Hadathah Translation Office therefore employs translators specialized in medical field and experienced in medical terminology.

Al-Hadathah Translation Office provides translation for:
• medical reports
• medical equipment manuals
• medical computer program documents
• drug registration documents, product specifications and patient instruction booklets
• medical information for patients and physicians
• medical and surgery equipment catalogs
• clinical investigation documents
• scientific materials
• multimedia product information in healthcare, medical education and referential material fields
Technical Translation

Al-Hadathah Translation Office provides translation for all types of technical documents including technical books and manuals, engineering contracts, engineering project proposals, electronic equipment description, engineering tenders and specifications, commercial correspondences, IT programs, etc.
Al-Hadathah Translation Office employs technical translators who are available all the time. When we receive a translation project in a certain specialty, it is assigned to the technically qualified translator who is well-experienced in terminology of technical and industrial fields. It is our pleasure in Al-Hadathah Translation Office to provide you with certified technical translation.

Simultaneous Translation

Al-Hadathah Translation Office offers solutions to your needs for simultaneous translation / interpretation whether for conferences, legal sessions, diplomatic meetings and interviews in order to meet the requirements of all clients.
Simultaneous translation is a very common field of translation, which is critically needed in occasions joined by a multilingual audience requiring a certain level of communication.

Commercial and Economic Translation

You do not have to get literal translation and miss the essence of meaning. Al-Hadathah Translation Office provides meaningful translation for all commercial, economic and financial correspondences and topics.
Website Translation

Al-Hadathah Translation Office offers website translation that accommodates products and services with cultural, legal, linguistic and technical requirements of a specific topic. Al-Hadathah Translation Office provides comprehensive services in website translation and Arabization performed by skillful translators and technicians experienced in website translation. The translation is finally reviewed and audited for purposes of precision, quality and harmony with foreign culture.

Al-Hadathah Translation Office Quality Policy
Al-Hadathah Translation Office provides highly precise and authentic translation services in the Arabic and English languages. Our translation maintains the original meaning. We are committed with quality and time is of great essence to us. We provide the necessary translation services with the least possible cost.
Al-Hadathah Translation Office has established the strongest possible foundations in order to maintain the highest employment standards for translators:
• Al-Hadathah Translation Office invests the expertise of translators who enjoy authentic skills in translation.
• All translated texts in Al-Hadathah Translation Office are well-reviewed and audited in order to ensure their linguistic precision and content correctness.
• Al-Hadathah Translation Office Executive Manager superintends the translation project and assures that it meets your quality and time requirements. We are committed to make all necessary modifications in case they are requested by the client.
• Al-Hadathah Translation Office maintains a database for terminology of various translation fields.
• We establish a database in our Al-Hadathah Translation Office for technical and medical terminology of the translated texts in all languages to ensure the correct and harmonized usage of words at all times.
• Finally we maintain all translated documents in our database for one month in Al-Hadathah Translation Office and then we send a questionnaire to the client and wait for feedback.
• Just try to deal with us for one time and you will realize that Al-Hadathah Translation Office cannot be replaced.
Privacy Policy

The privacy and confidentiality of your information is very essential to us. Therefore, we are committed to maintain your information and material confidential. Your trust is out target, which is maintained and endorsed by us. The privacy and safety of your information is one of the highest priorities in Al-Hadathah Translation Office.

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This is a result of culture difference

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نص عقد زواج مترجم من اللغة العربية إلى الإنجليزية

Republic of Yemen
Ministry of Justice
General Directorate for Documentation and Registration

Correspondent to:…………..

Legal Marriage Contract
“And one of His signs is that He created mates for you from yourselves that you may find rest in them, and He put between you love and compassion; most surely there are signs in this for a people who reflect.) Allah said
“Get married and reproduce abundantly as I will be proud of you among nations at the Dooms Day.” Prophet Mohammed(PBUH) said
On Saturday of Shawal, 1424 correspondent to 02/12/2003, I, …………………………………………., holding personal ID card No. (…………..) issued in Sana’a on -/--/1994, have taken the signatures on a legal sound marriage contract of Mr. …………………………………….., 29 years old, Yemeni citizen, who holds an ID No. (………………..) issued in Sana’a on --/---/1996 and was born in ------, ---------- district, ------- governorate, who got married to the free woman, Miss ……………………………………, 22 years old, Yemeni citizen and was born in ……………, ……………… district, ………….. governorate.
This sound marriage contract has been concluded herein in the presence of the witnesses, Mr. ……………………………….. and Mr. ……………………………. after confirming the legal consent of the bride and husband, making sure that there is no prohibitive hindrance for marriage, and having the contract executed in the presence of the closest relative in-charge according to Allah’s Holly Book and Prophet Mohammed’s (Peace be Upon Him) sunah, her father, Mr. ………………………………………….who holds passport no. (…………………..) issued in Sana’a on ---/---/1998. The two parties have mutual agreement on a paid up dowry that is ……………………….riyals with no postponed dowry direct to the direct relative in-charge by the legally concerned ………………………………………….
May Allah make it a benevolent blessing contract.
Issued on Shawal 24th, 1424 Hijri Correspondent to …./…./2003
By contract writer, ……………………………………..
Sign. Number at the Documentation Dept.

Court Name Number Date Sign. & Stamp

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واحد من أفضل المواقع التي أود تزكيتها للمهتمين بالترجمة المالية This is a website that really helps alot anyone who wants to improve his accounting and business knowledge.

Monday, April 19, 2010

الحداثة تقود الريادة

مدونة الحداثة للترجمة
لكم راودني كثيرا هاجس توثيق كل ما يجول في خاطري في مجال الترجمة و ذلك في مدونة يدوية أو ألكترونية رغم أنني أعمل في حقل الترجمة منذ تخرجي مباشرة من كلية الأداب في نهايات القرن الماضي. بذلت قصار جهدي و شحذت الهمة للمضي قدما في عمل الترجمة التحريرية منها و الفورية و وجدت ضالتي في مجالات معينة في الترجمة و خاصة المجالات التي تمثل تحديا لاي مترجم و هي الترجمة التجارية و القانونية. فأنا في الوقت الحالي أجد متعة فيما أقوم به من عمل في القطاع التجاري ضمن حدود بلدي و أنوي توسيع نطاق عملي ليطول أعمال الترجمة الدبلوماسية و التكنولوجية التي تواكب متطلبات العصر المتجدد بشكل متسارع.
و من جهة أخرى فإنني أجده من الأهمية بمكان أن أقوم بنقل تجربتي إلى حيز التنفيذ في هذا المجال الشيق ولاختصار الطريق لغيري من الهاوين الذين يجدونه من الصعوبة بمكان الحصول على التوجية و النصح الجاد للوصول إلى هدفهم المرجو في هذا المجال و ذلك من خلال إتباع أقصر الطرق إلى عالم الترجمة.
و سنقوم في هذه المدونة بخدمة هذا المجال الواسع و الشريحة الواسعة من المهتمين و الناشطين في هذا المجال و ذلك من خلال تقديم كل ما هو ضروري و هام للعمل في هذا المجال. فسنقوم في هذه المدونة بتقديم العون و النصح للمهتمين في مجال الترجمة المتخصصة . و حيث أن هذه المدونة تعكس الخبرة الطويلة لمكتب الحداثة للترجمة ، فإن هذه المدونة ستكون بمثابة مكتب ترجمة الكتروني يتعامل بشكل فاعل مع جمهور المترجمين حتى بعد الإنتهاء من أنشأ الموقع الإلكتروني لمكتب الحداثة للترجمة في القريب العاجل.
سنقوم في هذه المدونة بعرض قائمة بأهم المصطلحات المتدوالة في معظم مجالات الترجمة الهامة و الحيوية للمبتدئين و المهتمين و ذلك لتسهيل عملهم و لتقليل الجهد المبذول في عملية الحصول على معاني أي مصطلحات متخصصة في أي مجال من المجالات الحيوية. نتمنى أن تصلنا أرائكم و مقترحاتكم عن المدونة و محتوياتها .

Monday, April 5, 2010

مكتب الحداثة للترجمة هو مكتب تأسس في العام 2000م في الجمهورية اليمنية و يعمل منذ ذلك الوقت في ترجمة الكتب و المؤلفات التجارية للسوق التجارية اليمنية.